Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Projects | A 2-Story House

House SectionHouse Section

This is a house project in my Architectural Designing class. It took more than 2 months to create the design and all of these plates took 10 days to finished. I used black markers and watercolor for presentations with warm colors such as chocolate brown, light brown and white.

The concept is "A House in the Garden"
...that inspired by three kinds of material which are concrete, wood and stone.
Concrete is used for the house. It's present the security and residentual feeling.
Wood is used for an approah, circulation and for decorations.Using this material makes the house more natural and also connects the inside (rooms) and outside (garden) of the house.
Stone is like a sculture for the house. It makes peaceful feeling for the garden and living room.

Lay out Plate


Lay out
1st floor plan
floor plan

The Main entrance is in the southern of the house. I tried to make it look simply elegant.

Front view of the house
South Elevation
West Elevation
North Elevation

Architectural Model in scale 1:100

Model in processincomplete
House Model 1:100
House Model 1:100
House Model 1:100
House Model - top view
House Model 1:100Bedroom
House Model 1:100Dinning Area
House Model at nightHouse Model at night

House Model at night
House Model 1:100