Monday, March 8, 2010

Travel Around | Tah Shalom Market

Going back to 4th May 2009 ...It was a hot summer day.
My close friends and I planed to go to Tah Shalom Markat.
Tah Shalom area is located in Samut Prakan Province.
This province is next to Bangkok.
We went there by train with free tickets.
I think It's just about 1 hour and a half from Bangkok.

These are Photos we took from there.

At first, We had to go to Wongwian Yai railway station in Bangkok.
and then we got a train to Mahachai Station.
Here is Mahachai Station
A cat on the street.
We just roamed around in a big market in Mahachai area.
then I felt so starving. and others felt too.
so we stepped in a thai noodle restaurant on the street.
Unlike the street outside, It was quiet and awesome to have a lunch here.
The restaurant is quiet old. I guess they has been opening for more than 20 years.
and this photo ...It's one of my favorite types of thai noodle. : )
after lunch, we took a boat for going to Tah Shalom Market. yeah!
Tah Shalom is on the opposite side of the river Chaophraya.
it took only 15 minuets from Mahachai area to Tah Shalom by boat.
but... when we arrived. Tah Shalom was too quiet more than we expected.
There were no tourist but us. : (
Most people there were ordinary venders or something like that.
anyway we found a chinese temple nearby.
so we took some photos and just walked around.
There're some 3-wheels Bicycle taxi so we asked them as a guide for us.
These pictures were taken when I was in that 3-wheels taxi.
3-wheels taxi took us to a temple named Wiharn Phra Thep Sakorn Munee.
taxi told us that there's the sea nearby and they would be waiting for us to come back.
that's great.
then, we walked around, took some photos and respected the budha.
The sea! ...I was a little excited because
It was the first time in a year seeing the sea.
The sea wasn't beautiful at all because there were industry area and city nearby.
but I like when the wind blowed my face strongly.
A small spirit house on the seaside walkway
and then we found another big spirit house ...this one is in chinese style.

a cat in temple

then the afternoon turned to the end ...we had to go back

Taxi! hey taxi ...Are you still there?

3-wheels taxi took us to Tah Shalom harbor.

we shopped a little more and then got a train to go back to Bangkok.

I was tired because of high temperatures all day.

but it was fun

Good bye ...Tah Shalom and Mahachai

the greatest day in my long summer vacation in 2009

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